Eyeo Festival

Eyeo is an annual event for data enthusiasts, artists and hackers, held in mellow Minneapolis, MN. Pretty much all of the sessions were informative and inspiring, which is not surprising with a line-up featuring people like Mike Bostock, Paola Antonelli, Kim Rees, Giorgia Lupi, Cesar Hidalgo, Santiago Ortiz and Nick Felton. By the end I definitely had a brain crush on the amazing Kate Crawford, whose talk on “invisibility” scrambled my brain in the best way possible. Honorable mention to to Brooklyn artist Lauren McCarthy, who uses code to create deliciously provocative art pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.36.30 AM

Playing  a quick game of “Paperdude” on the Oculus Rift before the keynote speeches

Eyeo was amazing: